[icecast] Real to MP3

Bryan Walls Bryan.Walls at msfc.nasa.gov
Wed May 22 19:34:52 UTC 2002

How can I convert Real audio files (.rm) to MP3 files? I know I've 
done it before, but I can't get WinAmp to output to the NullSoft MP3 
Output Plug-In, which is how I think I did it last time. The file  I 
want to convert just doesn't seem to play with that output selected. 
I get the same result with teh Lame MP3 Writer plug-in.

I use the Tara Audio Video Plugin to read Real media in WinAmp.

<p>The .rm file is encoded at 256 kbs at 16kHz sample. I was able to use 
the OddCast DSP to save a stream to disk, but only at 11kHz or faster 
sample, and it was chipmunked (faster speed).

I guess I need to somehow resample to encode, but I can't seem to get 
the parts working together. Hate to have to play it and record...

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