[icecast] Bad stuttering with Winamp 2.80

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Tue May 21 23:37:05 UTC 2002

Jack Moffitt <jack at xiph.org> writes:
>> > If you've isolated it to winamp, why complain here? :)
>> I wasn't complaining. I was attempting to see if anyone else had seen
>> this problem.  
> I was joking :)

Heh, wasn't sure. The tone of the list had been down lately...

> Does streaming from a web server have the same problem?  I assume you
> tested each client individually as opposed to at the same time?

Yes, individually. I don't stream from a real apache web server, 
so I can't tell. How is that different?

[ Can anyone else following along grab a fresh copy of Winamp 280
and see if http://music.jetcafe.org:8000 starts to stutter? ]
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