[icecast] OS / Installation Limitations and such..

Nicolae enigmax at netzero.com
Tue May 14 04:34:39 UTC 2002

I tried installing iceCast which I did and sort of not completed the

I have a bare Cobalt RAQ 4 (SUN) system where this is just a "web
appliance" server.
No XWindows, no GUI no nothing.  All shell.

I am using the server as a Bouncer.  Broadcast from Home (Win2K Server)
to the server
@ 128k than go from there at a faster / larger bandwidth.

Is there anything I can install in order for USER TO QUE OR REQUESTS
songs online?

After reading.  There are perl scripts that I can install on my WINDOWS
via IIS than control the server there while the stream is comming from

I don't see how I can load a web server with gigs of music.  Would it be
to just add another 80 gig to the server I am getting and dump all mp3s
in one
directory and let IceCast do the rest.  That way if I shut down the
stream won't.

It's all remote and such.

P.S. One last question.  Why isn't many using IceCast.  Everyone uses
Based on what I read, shoutcast uses more memory, IceCast does less.  I
noticed that IceCast supports other formats.  (Which via shoutcast) you
can actually
listen via RealPlayer but not Media Player.  

I am building an OEM server rack and on a major back-bone and would like
host 10-15 other streams... any thing I should look out for?


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