[icecast] ices and VBR mp3s?

Bolt Thrower tyr at teiresias.net
Sun Mar 24 02:25:52 UTC 2002

On Sat, Mar 23, 2002 at 07:13:44PM -0700, Jack Moffitt wrote:
> > I posted a while back about having trouble with ices 0.2.2 being
> > able to re-encode VBR mp3s, and the response was that ices 0.2.2 did
> > not reencode VBR mp3s.  Are there any plans to include such support
> > in future ices versions?  If so, any ideas as to when such versions
> > would become available?
> Why wouldn't it?  lame is certainly capable of doing this.  I don't know
> a technical reason why VBR would be excluded.

The response I got at the time from Brendan Cully:

        "Ah, yes, that's correct. The problem is that your MP3s are
        encoded as VBR (which is incidentally why 0.1 crashes on
        you). 0.2.2 has a possibly ill-considered feature that avoids
        reencoding files if they are already at the same bitrate
        as the target bit rate. But it determines the bit rate by
        reading the first MP3 frame only, so it is easily fooled
        by VBR files. The next release, when I get a couple hours,
        will either revoke this feature, make it optional, and/or
        try to detect VBR files and unconditionally reencode those."

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