[icecast] Liveice+Darkice?

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Thu Mar 7 00:48:40 UTC 2002

Tamer Demir wrote:
> Hello,
> Could the experienced people help me?
> 1:) Is it possible to start liveice in the background like icecast and 
> shout??

ure, try:

nohup liveice &

> 2:) If I insert another sound card to PC(it will have 2 or more sound 
> cards). Is it enough to specify "SOUND_DEVICE" option to /dev/dspX in 
> liveice.cfg and start another liveice session with that configuration 
> file???

hould be

> 3:) With many efforts I fail to start darkice (I wish I could try it :(( 
> ). I think the problem is either I am running RedHat7.1 without gcc3, 
> while tring to install gcc3 I entered a rpm loop so I could not install, 
> or there is something wrong with my sound card. I have changed the 
> parameters, but the results are giving core dump, Sound:Buffer overrun 
> and VorbisLibEncoder.cc:vorbis encode init error [-130].... but liveice 
> worked.

on the core dump: could you compile it in debug mode, and send me the 
backtrace of where it dumps?

for buffer underrun: are you sure you're running darkice as root?

for vorbis encode init error: the vorbis library won't initialize. are 
you sure your parameters for the vorbis stream are sensible? (e.g. 24 
kb/s streams don't work at 44.1 kHz, that sort of thing)


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