[icecast] Relay question

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Mon Mar 4 19:12:23 UTC 2002

I have a question regarding relaying. Well, I've set it up and it isn't
working. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I added 3 aliases to the icecast.conf file on Host#2.

Host#1 has 3 streams that are served up, and that are working.

When I connect to one of the aliased screams on host#2, it immediately
kicks me off with an error.

On Host#2:
-> alias list
Listing aliases
        [sm2.757tech.net :8000/ORF]     []
        [sm2.757tech.net :8000/fm99]    []
        [sm2.757tech.net :8000/vbpd]    [] is Host#1
sm2.757tech.net is Host#2

When I connect and get dumped, I see this on sm2's console:

> [04/Mar/2002:13:47:02] Kicking unknown 1 [xxx.xxxx.gov] [No encoder],
connected for 0 seconds

It doesn't seem to make any attempt to connect the system.

I didn't want to use the push or pull command, but much rather use the
system that works like automountd (from the manual :-) 

As far as I can see, everything looks proper?

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