[icecast] Icecast, Liveice... experiences?

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Sun Mar 3 20:45:08 UTC 2002

telmnstr  <Ethan> writes:
> We have been using LiveIce to serve mp3 streams for 10 months or
> so.
>  Does anyone have suggestions? By leaving LAME and trying to go with L3ENC
> or whatever the current version is -- will that improve stability?

One more for Darkice here. My experiences with LiveIce were less than
fruitful. I used to use the shoutcast plugin on windows but, like you,
Unix is my friend. I tried to use LiveIce, but the _exit/exit problem
prevented initial use.  After that was fixed my DJ app that inserts
song changes would crash xmms, but only when liveice was playing
(previous uptimes were in the months before I installed liveice).
Emails to the author went woefully unanswered.

So I use DarkIce now, and I'm really satisfied with it. No crashes and
decent sound quality.

I still really want an XMMS plugin that streams, but I suppose that's
not forthcoming. What will probably happen after the next redesign of
my DJ app is that I will use IceS to queue and play songs, so I don't
have to go into the audio domain at all. 
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