[icecast] Icecast, Liveice... experiences?

GHERdO tanga at freemail.it
Fri Mar 1 08:51:30 UTC 2002

Chris Riddell scriveva:

> I've been streaming live audio and not had much luck with LiveIce staying 
> alive either...  I had a silly cron script running to check if it was alive 
> and bring it back up again!
> I switched to Darkice about 2 months ago and the stream has been rock solid.  
> This on a linux box running 2.4.14 kernel.  Darkice uses liblame without 
> spawning lame externally and, in my opinion, is much more straight forward in 
> it's configuration.  Check it out: http://darkice.sourceforge.net

It's the same for  me: 2 months with liveice + cron  and now DarkICE ...
alive and kicking from fLORENCE/italy :)

GHERdO, happy GNU/linux user.

		... Boys don't Cry!

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