[icecast] icecast with stunnel

Shayne White shaynewhite at attbi.com
Fri Mar 1 01:09:34 UTC 2002

I've been using icecast/ices 1.3.11 at home for sometime now, and it 
works pretty well.  Thanks to everyone who has worked on it. 
 Occasionally, icecast will go up to 100% CPU for some reason, but if I 
restart it this goes away.  Ices also has served me well.  It dies on 
occasion too, but I think it's likely due to my custom ices.pm module, 
since it was much more stable before I added this.  

Anyway, I am investigating a way to get a secure stream from home to 
work now.  At first  I was considering a separate solution using apache 
and SSL to do this, but then realized I don't know of a player that can 
handle SSL.  Now, I am leaning towards using stunnel to encrypt/decrypt 
the stream on each side, both on my server and the machine at work.  Has 
anyone on the list used a setup like this?  Just want to get some 
opinions before I spend some time on it.  Stunnel (stunnel.org), for 
those who don't know, uses SSL to tunnel packets securely from one 
machine to another.

thanks in advance...

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