[icecast] problem remotely loginning into web admin interface

Rob Burris robeb at keepthevibe.com
Sat Jun 8 22:55:06 UTC 2002

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Here are the steps I've taken to open access to the web admin interface for
icecast. If anyone can find mistakes I have made or a step I have left out
please let me know. I have been unable to access the interface.

In my hosts.allow I have...
ALL: *.mydomain.com

In my hosts.deny I have...
icecast_admin: ALL EXCEPT*.mydomain.com

In the mount.aut files I have...

In the groups.aut file I have...

Now here am I wondering if you can specify a host name like
myhost.mydomain.com? If not, how would icecast be able to identify a remote
login to the web interface? All my config files are in /etc in the icecast
base dir. I am starting icecast from the dir w/ just the "icecast" command.
Appears to have no problems finding the config files. I get a
"HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden" whenever I try to access the web interface w/
Explorer and a  "Kicking unknown 1 [host.mydomain.com] [No mountfile found]"
in my icecast log files. I have read the manual have searched the message
achieves. I have found some posts but nothing that has remedied my problem.
There might be an outside source affecting this (my firewall *is* configured
to allow all incoming HTTP TCP request from my LAN) but if anyone knows what
might be causing I would appreciate a response.

- Thank you

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