[icecast] ices bitrate encoding mode?

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Jul 29 15:40:27 PDT 2002

At 06:29 PM 7/29/02 -0400, you wrote:
>> I had a bug report that it was crashing though - I haven't looked into it
>> yet. Might be only with mis-configured setups.
>> Just specify (instead of <quality>3</quality>), any of:
>>   <nominal-bitrate>value in bits per seconds</nominal-bitrate>
>>   <maximum-bitrate>val</maximum-bitrate>
>>   <minimum-bitrate>val</minimum-bitrate>
>> along with
>>   <managed>1</managed>
>Could you please submit a full <instance> example for those of us who still 
>can't get managed bitrate encoding working correctly.
>In addition, I'm getting a segmentation fault when encoding at bitrates <= 
>44000.  Is this a known issue or a limitation?  Using gdb (gdb ices) I get:

Thanks for the detailed bug report, but this is a known problem - I just
haven't had the time to track down and fix it. I'll give an <instance>
for those of you who are interested once I have it working.


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