[icecast] Playlist and rant

Dave Yerrington xgote at chromatics.net
Fri Jul 26 11:51:46 PDT 2002

I get lots of "file not found" and "can't synch".  Im guess characters have
to be escaped in the playlist?   If thats the case, why not run a function
over it that does that for you?  Seems like common sense to me.

DEBUG: ID3v2 tag size is 944 bytes
DEBUG: Skipping to MP3 data
DEBUG: Layer: III               Version: MPEG-1 Frequency: 44100
DEBUG: Bitrate: 192 kbit/s      Padding: 0      Mode: stereo
DEBUG: Ext: 0   Mode_Ext: 0     Copyright: 0    Original: 1
DEBUG: Error Protection: 0      Emphasis: 0     Stereo: 2
DEBUG: Updated metadata on ices to: ~1. Drum&Bass Arena [The #1B.m - 1.
Drum& Bass Arena [The 1b
bitstream problem: resyncing...
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Also I have everything set to be rencoded at 128k because I have files at
different bitrates on my playlist.  Also when I use 2 channels in the
config, the stream sounds overdriven when I listen to it in winamp and
really distorted.  Another bug when I am rencoding using lame /w ices is
that sometimes when a track changes to one of a different bitrate (that is
spose to be rencoded?) it sounds too fast or too slow depending on the
bitrate.. then I have to reconnect and it sounds just fine.  I see that the
bitrate has not changed from 128 after I have reconnected though.  Why is
this happening?

Thanks in advance.

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