[[icecast] problem remotely loginning into web admin interface]

Keith V. Olson keithvolson at digmanolson.com
Sat Jul 20 21:46:46 PDT 2002


I think I figured this problem out.

History...  After installing icecast last week I had been unable
to get the /admin to work.  So today I looked into the code.  From
that exploration it seems that the *.aut files (or at least the
mounts.aut) needs to be in the conf directory.

If you follow the code in client.c line 176...
char *secfile = get_icecast_file (info.mountfile, conf_file_e, R_OK);
to the definition of conf_file_e.  After a few assignments the
value turns out to be "conf" in config.h line 94.  BTW, I'm using
the icecast-1.3.12 tar.

I'm not sure why the etc dir is conf, but I didn't explore any
further to see what would happen if I changed it.  Instead I moved
(or linked) the *.aut files into the conf directory.  

The /admin link then loaded in the browser, without a user/password
setup in user.aut and group.aut (I wasn't sure if that would work or
not).  So next I created a user and group, which also authenticated
and allowed me into the web admin.

I didn't see anything on this list about the web admin actually
working.  Only this message about it not working.  Well I can now
confirm that it does.


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