[icecast] ices configure can't find lame library

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Sat Jul 20 12:50:37 PDT 2002

"Reuben D. Budiardja" wrote:
> > Did you try --with-lame-libraries=/usr/local/lame or variations thereof?
> > Some configure scripts do not like the explicit path to the library.
> >
> Yes, I tried all kind of variations I can think of. I even just now
> installed lame RPM, but it still didn't work. I can't think of anything
> else to try right now.

Umm, /usr/local/lame? Did you specify that directory during lame's
installation as --prefix? (Sorry, haven't installed lame lately, don't
remember... default prefix is usually /usr/local) If not, then programs
might search for lame in PREFIX/lame. In that case, you should use
--with-lame-libraries=/usr/local. Also make sure you ran ldconfig after
lame's installation. Alternatively, you could remove everything lame
related and recompile with --prefix=/usr or so and then, if ices'
configure script still can't find it, use --with-lame-libraries=/usr.
That *should* work, definitely. ;P

If /usr/local/lame is your lame directory and progams don't look in
PREFIX/lame for the libs, then you must tell ldconfig about that
directory. That's usually done in /etc/ld.conf in GNU/Linux or via
commandline, i.e. /etc/rc.conf on *BSD.

Another scenario would be that you have multiple and conflicting lame
installations on your computer. Several distributions have /usr as
default prefix, for example. Maybe your box needs a cleanup, you might
find lame related stuff in prefixes /usr, /usr/local and


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