[icecast] icecast2/darkice

Steve Grecni steve at steem.com
Wed Jul 3 20:42:26 PDT 2002

Ok, I'm using icecast2 (latest cvs as of maybe 3 hours ago) and darkice 
.9.1 all compiled under debian/sid with gcc 2.95.4.  Everything works 
ok, as long as I'm using ogg123 to listen to my stream.

using xmms (1.27 in in debian sid) it'll buffer up to 50% and then start 
over again seemingly indefinitely.  with winamp 2.80 in winxp, I get 
nothing but silence, I'd normally thing I was getting nothing, but I can 
see a steady stream of data on my network graph, the winamp title shows 
HTTP 200/OK.

Does anyone have any insight into what's going on?  Or know how to get 
more feed back to figure out this prob?  It seems that winamp and xmms 
have exactly squat for a debug mode for normal users.

Is anyone else using this setup with success?

--- begin icecast.xml ---

     <location>Room Juice</location>
     <admin>gid at qooqle.com</admin>








<p>-- end icecast.xml --

-- begin darkice.cfg --

duration        = 0         # duration of encoding, in seconds. 0 means 
bufferSecs      = 4         # size of internal slip buffer, in seconds

# this section describes the audio input that will be streamed
device          = /dev/dsp  # OSS DSP soundcard device for the audio input
sampleRate      = 44100     # sample rate in Hz. try 11025, 22050 or 44100
bitsPerSample   = 16        # bits per sample. try 16
channel         = 2         # channels. 1 = mono, 2 = stereo

format          = vorbis    # format of the stream: ogg vorbis
bitrate         = 64        # bitrate of the stream sent to the server
server          = pimpbot.qooqle.com
                             # host name of the server
port            = 8000      # port of the IceCast2 server, usually 8000
password        = thepass   # source password to the IceCast2 server
mountPoint      = roomjuice # mount point of this stream on the IceCast2 
name            = Room Juice
                             # name of the stream
description     = gid's Room Juice
                             # description of the stream
url             = http://pimpbot.qooqle.com/roomjuice/
                             # URL related to the stream
genre           = Techno,Electronic,Jungle,Trance,Rock    # genre of the 
public          = no       # advertise this stream?

lowpass                 = -1
highpass                = 0

-- end darkice.cfg --

<p>--- >8 ----
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