[icecast] mac player for ogg streams

adam adam at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 31 11:06:55 UTC 2002


I have 2 Icecast2 servers set-up (1 unix  and 1 win32) that I have been
testing with live streams using Oddcast. I can get the stream playing in
Winamp no problems but on the Vorbis.com site it suggests that Macamp
supports streaming :

"A MacOS vorbis player that has highly integrated streaming features."

Although it doesnt say it specifically supports ogg, and as it happens it
doesnt (I also have this confirmed by the developers of Macamp).

I have also tried the other two players Audion and Unsanity Echo
suggested by vorbis.com but they both dont seem to support playing an ogg
stream either.

I have searched the icecast archives and couldnt find any mention of a mac
player that works wth a live ogg stream,...does any one know of one?

Thanks in advance,


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XS4ALL Internet B.V.
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Eekholt 42
1112 XH

"free, as in 'radio'"

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