[icecast] ice2 CVS build problems under Solaris 7

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Fri Jan 25 13:05:03 UTC 2002


If you want to use icecast
2 for streaming vorbis audio then don't get it
from the CVS repository at icecast.org.  That's ancient developer stuff in
there.  Instead get it from the xiph.org CVS repository (see
http://www.xiph.org/cvs.html which I see now lists the icecast stuff
(yay!).  You'll need the icecast module plus the avl, httpp, log, net,
thread and timing modules (check these out when in the icecast/src
directory).  This is all documented in icecast/Hacking.

You'll also need something to stream to the server with.  CVS contains a
new ices which can do this.  It needs avl, log, net, thread and timing, and
also the vorbis libshout which is also in CVS and in turn also needs thread
and timing.


Geoff Shang <gshang10 at scu.edu.au>
ICQ number 43634701

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