[icecast] streaming video suggestions please!

Mark Lehrer mark at knm.org
Wed Jan 23 17:50:27 UTC 2002

This is a very interesting topic.  We did some experimentation with
this not too long ago, and apparently the RTP format is documented;
check Google.  We were doing it at the client end; we implemented an
embedded Linux RTP client (proprietary still, sorry, but we can
answer questions about the formats).

RTP is the Real wrapper around an MPEG stream.  Perhaps Ices & icecast
can be hacked to handle this stuff.  It can do multicasting or direct;
i'm not sure how much pain it would be to do multicast.  If you are
doing multiple videos on the same network, multicasting is more or
less required.

I think the painful part would be to adjust the quality of the video
on the fly; but perhaps you can leave that feature off until a future


<p>   I have been using Icecast for almost two years and
   it's just great, now I would like to have streaming
   video and I think a lot of people here can help me to
   do the best selection, I prefer something running on
   linux, but it's ok on windows, better if its free and
   open source. I'm looking for something cheap but good,
   something where I can connect the signal from tv or a

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