[icecast] Two streams, one source, two different bandwidths: A newbie question

Martin Dressler dr at musicabona.cz
Tue Jan 22 11:42:02 UTC 2002

On Tue 22. January 2002 06:09, you wrote:
> Ok - here's what I want to do...
> I compiled and installed icecast 1.3.11 and ices 0.2.2, and can get a
> single lame-encoded stream working.  What I'd like to do is set up two
> streams - one at 48kbps, one at 128kbps - from one source.  Reason being is
> that I'd like to listen to the high-bandwidth stream locally (ie: in
> another room of the house) while I listen to the 48kbps stream elsewhere.
> Theoretically, I could set up a playlist, two separate icecast processes,
> and two separate ices processes that pull from the same playlist without
> randomizing, but is there an easier way?
Ices suport this, but unfortunetly you must have source .mp3 file at 44 kHz 
sampling frequency cause otherwise it is jerky.


      Martin Dressler

e-mail: dr at musicabona.cz

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