[icecast] vobris icecast 2

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Wed Jan 16 22:14:08 UTC 2002

At 06:25 PM 1/16/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>I am trying to get Vorbis streaming from live input to a icecast2 (win32)
>server. I am doing this on my local 192.168.22.x network.
>I can get oddcastDSP encoder to stream to the icecast server. It makes a
>source connection and I can see this is the Icecast2 Win32 Server Stats
>window. I can also see the KB sent in the oddcastDSP window.
>However I have the following problems:
>1. I cant make a client connection to the server (config below). I have
>installed the Vobris Decoder v1.17b (in_vorbis.dll) with my winamp but it
>just doesnt want to connect. I have tried the following urls:
>(the name of the stream is frl.ogg)

the correct URL given your config below should be

<p>>in Winamp (and Freeamp)
>but it wont connect to the stream.
>Any ideas why this could be?
make sure your mountpoint has a preceeding slash (i.e. /frl.ogg)...things 
won't work properly without it, and the newest version (not yet available) 
of the DSP has this check...

>2. I don't know how to get a stream working from my live input. If I dont
>start playing an mp3 in the winamp as i encode to icecast2 then it sends
>no data. Is there another plugin i need to get a live input working with
>winamp (and vorbis) or do i need another encoder all together?
live input can be done via "Advanced Recording" (similar to the shoutcast 
Adv. Rec. option), or by using the linerec stereo plugin...this plugin can 
be found at the winamp site..

>Many thanks for any help that anyone can supply.


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