[icecast] icecast and liveice

Robin P. Blanchard Robin_Blanchard at gactr.uga.edu
Mon Jan 7 13:22:39 UTC 2002


Apply the same concept using the "lsof" command and you should be set.

GHERdO wrote:
> Hi ppl! :)
> I'm streaming a  LIVE radio station with icecast 1.3.11  and liveice. It
> works, but I've a problem:
> >[04/Jan/2002:18:48:51] [9:Source Thread] Didn't receive data from source after 500000 microseconds, assuming it died...
> >[04/Jan/2002:18:48:51] [9:Source Thread] Lost connection to source on mount /radio, waiting 30 seconds for timeout
> What can I do? I have no idea and groups.google.com doesn't help me.

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