[icecast] how to cut very big mp3s ?

Maroy Akos darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Jan 7 09:45:32 UTC 2002

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Jack Moffitt wrote:

> Unfortunately MP3 is not really an editable format (another reason to
> use Vorbis).  Its frame headers and frame data don't necessarily come
> together in the file, so chopping the file would require quite a lot of
> reorganization.  The only decent methods I've seen proposed meant
> turning the beginning and ends of files into VBR.
> I think you're only solution is to convert to .wav do your editing, and
> then recompress (for mostly voices you'd probably want to downsample
> etc).

My experience is to the contrary: cutting mp3 files with a simple tools 
like dd works OK. Just calculate the amount you want to cut (128 kb/s = 
128/8 kB/s, say you want 30 minute cuts, which is 30*60 secs, cut the file 
into (128/8) * (30*60) byte chunks).


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