[icecast] Strangeness

Roy Harvey roy at lamrim.com
Fri Jan 4 05:22:44 UTC 2002

Dear Jack --

Thanks!  Was just headed down that trail when your email came in...

That did the trick, but it required that I also turn off updates to the 
non-shoutcast directories as well to make it work (such as  yp.icecast.org)

#icydir yp.shoutcast.com
#icydir yp.breakfree.com
#icydir yp.musicseek.net
#icydir yp.van-pelt.com
#icydir yp.radiostation.de
#directory yp.icecast.org
#directory yp.mp3.de
#touch_freq 2

Let me know when the next patch comes out ;-)  I'm currently running 
1.3.10, but like I said, it's been rock solid...


At 08:54 PM 01/03/02 -0700, you wrote:
> >       Ahhhh, this is very strange!  MY icecast server started doing the
> > same exact thing today out of the blue!  it looks as if hundreds of
> > sources try to connect or something.  but why would we both have the same
> > problem at the same time after months of it working fine?
>Try turning off all directory services and see if the problem goes away.
>If it does, perhaps the shoutcast people changed the protocol on us

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