[icecast] apache proxy for icecast streams

Beau D. Simensen simensen at halogen.org
Sun Feb 17 17:38:01 UTC 2002


i've only made a quick attempt to do this with less than great results. i'd
be interested in seeing if anyone has already done this successfully and see
if i can take a look at their config. given the results i've already seen,
i'm not even sure this is a good idea anymore, but here goes anyway. =)

i have a single ip that i'm running both apache (80, 443) and icecast (8000)
. i have listeners who can't listen due to firewalls but they can listen
just fine when the server is up on port 80. i thought that i'd be able to
setup apache to proxy the requests (port 80) through to the proper
mountpoint on icecast (port 8000).

this did actually work, but there were a few problems. 1) ticking. i'm
guessing this might be the meta data stuff being transferred that apache
doesn't know anything about. 2) the apache proxy engine doesn't actually
appear to drop as a listener even after the client stops playing.

turning off metadata actually fixed my first problem which is sortof what i
expected. however, queuing up apache listeners when nobody is listening on
them anymore really ins't very cool. maybe this is more for an apache
mailing list question, but if anyone here has any ideas on this, or know of
any ideas why this isn't a good idea, i'd love to hear 'em.


fwiw, my apache config looks like this...


<IfModule mod_proxy.c>
    ProxyRequests on
    NoCache *

# Any URL that starts with /mp3stream/ should be followed by a
# mappoint running on the icecast server running at port 8000.
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^/mp3stream/(.*) http://localhost:8000/$1 [P]

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