[icecast] Buffering Problems

Keenan Tims ktims at uniserve.com
Wed Feb 13 22:25:01 UTC 2002

I'm trying to set up a web based radio station, not having any problems
getting things working, however I'm having a major problem with buffering on
the remote clients.  Winamp almost constantly buffers when i'm listening on
my 2.5Mbit DSL connection.  With shoutcast it is not a problem (though I
can't use stream-db with it).

Here's the setup:
Duron 850Mhz 320MB RAM
Maxtor 7200RPM 20GB
100mbit FD to switched colo network, realizes speeds of about 30mbit up.
stream-db and stream-php into icecast 1.3.11.  Reencoded to 128kbit, source
is all 192kbit MP3

FYI, my dsl at home is about 5 hops away with pings of approx 13ms, and like
I said it is not a problem at all with shoutcast and ices.

Cranking the buffer up to 320 or 512kbit in winamp solves the problem, but
I'd like it to work properly by default.

Keenan Tims
ktims at uniserve.com
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