[icecast] yp.shoutcast.com 404 errors...

Dave Hayes dave at jetcafe.org
Mon Feb 11 23:35:50 UTC 2002

In trying to find out why neither icecast nor shoutcast no longer
lists my radio station (I thought it might be the connectivity issues
which plagued me this month), I find this:

>> unfortunately, the kind folks over at Nullsoft axed all icecast entries on 
>> their YP...
>> Quote from Tom Pepper :
>> "I also had to pull support for icecast today from the directory, since I 
>> found no less than 40% of the server operators sending in doctored listener 
>> counts. garf."

What I want to know is just how he can accurately determine people are
doctoring listener counts. 

In point of fact, I have a few reflectors on a couple of non-routable
networks, and none of those servers forward listerner count
information to the directory servers. There is also no simple way to
get an accurate listener count if I finally get around to reflecting
my show on the multicast backbone.

I am fairly sure there is no support for listener count forwarding in
icecast (1.3.X) as I've looked at that code to try to determine the
problem with icecast directory touching.

Let's be even more realistic. What's to stop anyone from opening
connections from a specifically crafted network client which just
dumps the stream to /dev/null? Just how would Mr Pepper detect that?
He's psychic? ;)

Finally, Jack commented:
> Like no one does this with shoutcast :)  What an ass.

Exactly, although I would claim that failing to realize this is
more attributable to stupidity and not assholicness.
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