[icecast] CPU Utilization Weirdness

Gary Major gr_major at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 4 22:19:11 UTC 2002

Using Icecast 1.3.11 and Ices 0.2.2. Have compiled Ices with the optimize
flags defined. Using PII 266 - 160MB, RH 7.1 with default kernel (2.4.7 i

Situation that I have is interesting:

1) Bring icecast up in the foreground and everything is well. Works as
expected. Bring ices up in the foreground in another session and it too
works as expected. System will run well until I take it down. CPU usage
seems reasonable
2) Bring icecast up with the '-b' switch and use ices with '-B' switch (to
run them both as daemon processes) and ices crashes within 2 hours or so -
processes are gone. If I try to restart ices, it cannot connect to icecast
as it cannot mount anything. Although the icecast processes are still up, I
am not sure that the issue is not with icecast and ices tanked because of
those issues. CPU again seems reasonable.
3) Bring icecast and ices up but point the output to null, i.e. (icecast -c
icecast.conf > /dev/null 2> /devb/null &) again everything works fine but
CPU usage is nearly 100% and CPU idle is always 0. I can still bring up
other apps and their does not appear to performance degradation. Seems that
when Iceast/Ices start, they grab all the CPU and then 'share' when they
need to.


I am going to download the 2.x from cvs and play around but I though I would

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