[icecast] darkice client for windows

René Oelke rene.oelke at zehn245.net
Mon Dec 30 11:55:33 UTC 2002

hi list,

i  am  looking  for a solution like darkice. but for win and not for
linux.  i  want to perform some live-dj sets in an internet radio. the
technology   of   the  radio  is based on peercast (p2p). the peercast
server  that  gets  the  stream  runs  under  linux. the dj works with
external  hardware  and sends the audio data in a soundcard line input
runnung  under windows. the darkice-like program should get audio data
from  this  input,  encode  it  in  an  oggstream  and send it via the
icecast  protocol to the peercast server. it would be nice if it there
possible   to  send  some  other  information like songtitle and so on
live  to the server.

thanx for helping me

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