[icecast] iicecast or shoutcast

gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Fri Dec 20 14:21:05 UTC 2002

ajb wrote:
> could someone tell me the difference and which is the best for live broadcasting ?

I didn't do live broadcasting, yet, however since that's the problem of
the source client, I guess it doesn't matter here. Icecast v1.x has more
features than Shoutcast and is a bit harder to set up. Icecast v2.0alpha
supports Ogg Vorbis streaming, which has much better audio quality even
at very low bitrates and works very well and reliable, despite being
alpha. Both Ices1 and Ices2 (those are source clients) support live
broadcasting, and there are 3rd party utilities that also support
streaming to both Icecast1 and -2.

Of course, only the Icecasts come with source code and allow you to
review, modify etc it to suit your needs even better. Shoutcast doesn't,
and you're stuck with the binaries they provide. I also don't know about
their licensing policies towards commercial users, additional caveats
could be found there.

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