[icecast] icecast with WinAmp as the streamer

Lukas Österreicher lukas.oesterreicher at inode.at
Wed Dec 18 07:18:37 UTC 2002

I am running a similar configuration. I also have the oddcastDSP plugin
to connect to the icecast. It's version 2 alpha 1 though.
The normal icecast (version 1) can't stream ogg, if you want to to this,
you need icecast 2 (which has just the name icecast on the xiph
cvs server. Be sure to select the right server to stream to in the oddcastDSP
plugin and see that you have properly edited the xml config file that
icecast 2 loads at startup.
Hope this helps,

>   Icecast Heads
>   I have tried all sorts of recomendation from the group and still can't
>   even connect my streamer to the icecast server. I keep on receiving Bad
>   Password. I down to the compatibility issue here. I run Icecast version
>   1.3.11 on the OpenBsd 3.0 and WinAmp 2.81 Streamer with oddcastDSP
>   plug-ins. Anybody have tried these please SOUT !.
>   saiful at sapura.com.my
>   Engineer at work.
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