[icecast] Hi there. having a problem and asking for your help.

Styx31 styx31 at free.fr
Tue Dec 17 21:34:20 UTC 2002

First, I would like to precise you that I'm a poor french, and that I'm
not lucky with english...

So, my question is about IceCast (naturally) and moreover about
southcasting and master/slave configuration.

In fact, I'm totally new in configuration of IceCast, and the problem is

- Next Sunday, we have a big national war against 2 clans on Tribes2
- For this occasion, we'll need to shoutcast spectators commentaries.
- We have a friend who've got a server under linux with icecast
installed (I could give you more information if you want). The bandwidth
is correct (about 4Mb), si we can hope connection will not be a problem.
- We (a friend and me) are the two commentators (excuse me for my sad
english, really), and we "simply" want :
        - To stay at home (in fact, we don't have any physical access to
the computer hosting icecast)
        - To connect to the icecast server
        - And diffuse our voice on the southcast.

The idea (for me) is to configure icecast as slave, and so it can
connect itself to a server who will send him our voice (by using a
classical winamp+shoutcast method perhaps ?). So, icecast will just
broadcast what it receives.

I really dunno if you could help us, but if I've made a great mistake by
asking you, you could perhaps redirect me to the right persons...

PS : We have time, and we can upgrade/install differents softwares...

If you have questions, I'll try for sure to anwser them.

Thank you.


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