[icecast] IceS 2.0a - Extended sleep requested

Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Mon Dec 2 17:02:50 UTC 2002

On 2002.12.02 16:08 SwiftBiscuit wrote:
> I've just finished a little encoding set and the
> following happened:
> 22Khz resampled, q-0.4 encode = ~38kbs = one error at
> the beginning only.
> 22Khz resampled, q-0.5 encode = ~37kbs = 6 to 7 sleep
> errors in the first second or so, nothing after that.
> 22Khz resampled, q-0.6 encode = ~35kbs = 14 to 15
> sleep errors then nothing.
> 22Khz resampled, q-0.8 encode = ~33kbs = Many sleep
> errors.

Will you try something to get you going.  In the
ices/src/input.c file

goto line 92, you should see

     if(sleep > 1000) {
         LOG_WARN1("Extended sleep requested (%ld ms), sleeping for one 

change to the following

     if(sleep > 5000) {
         LOG_WARN1("Extended sleep requested (%ld ms), sleeping for 5 

<p>This will give it a 5 sec tollerance instead of 1 second.
I believe it's to do with the amount of data in an ogg

Check the log file for more of the Extended sleep messages


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