[icecast] Akos...Darkice questions

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Wed Aug 28 14:48:31 UTC 2002

Matthew Mencel wrote:
 > This is probably sacrilegious to speak of Shoutcast here but that's
 > what I am streaming  to right now.  Just a couple questions about
 > Darkice...
 > quality is set to 0.5 by default.  What's the range for this and what
 > kind of effect does it have on the audio and the load on the system?

please refer to the darkice.cfg man page:

               The quality of encoding a value between 0.0 ..  1.0
               (e.g. 0.8), with 1.0 being the highest quality. Use
               a value greater than 0.0. Only used when cbr or vbr
               bit rate modes are specified.

<p> > I've set the "public" variable to yes so it will advertise to
 > Shoutcasts directory but Shoutcast is sending back 2 errors.
 > <08/28/02 at 09:28:45> [yp_add] yp.shoutcast.com gave error (nak)
 > <08/28/02 at 09:28:45> [yp_add] yp.shoutcast.com gave extended error
 > (invalid bitrate)

I guess "invalid bitrate" say it all? :)


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