[icecast] Problems streaming just one file, yet /default works fine.

JW jw at centraltexasit.com
Mon Aug 26 23:29:57 UTC 2002

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We are needing to use icecast to stream a single mp3 _from_the_beginning_ of the file.

Using Icecast and Shout, everything works fine, the problem with that is that when you conenct to /default you start listening at whatever point shout is currently playing at.
This is not satisfactory at all, the stream must start at the beginning of the file each time a listener click a link to it.

The help documentation says that what I am trying to do can be done:

#   Static files (http support)

There is support in icecast for streaming files directory from the server to the client. 
All files must end in .mp3, and they must all be in the file tree rooted at a directory specified with the static_dir variable. 
<I did that>
This directory corresponds to the virtual directory http://server:port/file/. 
<it does>
So a file named stream.mp3 in the static_dir directory can be accessed through a http request (in a browser or mp3 player or whatever) with the url http://server:port/file/stream.mp3.

Ok, but when actually click on <a href="http://<myserver">http://<myserver</a>>:8000/file/, instead of streaming the file I get sent to 
<a href="http://<myserver">http://<myserver</a>>:8000/playlist.pls?mount=/file/king_audio_6.6meg.mp3&file=dummy.pls
which does not stream, but instead the browser starts downloading it.

I have also tried making a link in a page to <a href="http://<myserver">http://<myserver</a>>:8000//file/king_audio_6.6meg.mp3 and pasting that directly into a browser

What happens then is the browser starts downloading the file again, instead of sending it to the media player (which it does correctly when we hit /default)

More interesting, we noticed the download says "king_audio_6.6meg.mpga" instead of .mp3. `
Why is icecast setting the mime type to mpga?

By the way we have tried ths on Windows and Linux, Netscape Mozilla nd IE, all with the same results.

At any rate, all that matters is that we find a way to _stream_ (not download) a file _from the beginning_ of the file.

Any ideas what I need to change to get this working right?

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