[icecast] Icecast and Roxen

Miguel Albuquerque mfoacs at e-workshop.ch
Sat Aug 24 23:41:21 UTC 2002

Hi list,

I've just started for fun and personal use a stream at my box. I'm using 
  Roxen Web Server wich provides an Icecast and Mpeg Directory as 
modules.  Well, everything is just fine, but when I connect to my 
server, the stream identifies my server's name but song's titles dont. 
And second, the songs are played in random order wich I would like to 
disable. I know this isn't a Roxen support mailing list but is useless 
trying to get some help from them (I wonder if they could anyway). I'm 
just hoping to find someone who has already gone with this topic before 
and could give me those two cents...


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