[icecast] Multiple bitrates from live source

Kevin DeGraaf kevin at kevindegraaf.net
Wed Aug 21 18:30:08 UTC 2002

What is the best way to set up multiple streams, at multiple bitrates,
from the same line-input audio source?

I currently offer a 96 Kbps stream of the line-input of a D-Link DSB-R100
radio tuner.  I'd like to offer a 32 Kbps stream as well, for 56K modem

Should I run multiple copies of liveice on the machine with the soundcard?
Or should I have ices reencode the 96 Kbps stream down to 32 Kbps?  Or
something else entirely?

If it matters: liveice and icecast are running on separate physical

Kevin DeGraaf

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