[icecast] some features of icecast2 beta

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Tue Aug 20 14:45:20 UTC 2002

adam wrote:
> yes but ideally a stream archived on the encoding machine can be very
> useful :
> i) if the server goes down a clientside archive can save the day
> (presuming encoding can continue if there is no server connection which is
> not always supported by encoders - does darkice allow for this?)

yes, it does.

> ii) if the user encoding the stream does not have access to the streaming
> server (beyond acess for sending a live stream) then archiving client side
> is absolutely necessary

I don't see your point. This is the very case when server side archiving 
is necessary: the encoder sends the stream to the server, and tells it 
to archive it as well (when logging in). the only form of access from 
the encoder to the server is sending the stream.

> iii) if the file needs editing, then donwloading the file, editing, and
> uploading can be a tremendous pain

you mean editing manually? that is a pain to begin with, the ideal is to 
have proper scripts set up to prepare your archive properly. for this, 
it is beneficial to have the archive on the server, and let the scripts 
prepare it there. then there is no need to down/upload it anywhere.

> iv) i imagine some servers will struggle to encode + archive

I don't see your point: the server does not encode, it serves. the 
encoder encodes.

Anyway, both archiving uses (archiving at the encoder or the server) are 
valid in some cases, the best is to have both possibilities.


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