[icecast] some features of icecast2 beta

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Tue Aug 20 14:08:42 UTC 2002

Michael Smith wrote:
> I would think the logical (and simpler) way to do this would be on the
> client side. But as I said, patches welcome.

darkice support stream dump on the encoder side, but this is far from 
logical: in a typical setup, the encoder is a machine not visible from 
the outside, while the server (per definition) is visible. when 
generating the stream dump on the encoder, one has to move it to the 
server afterwards to make it available for download to listeners. this 
is inconvenient, and also doubles the traffic between encoder and server.

I'll see how much time I have to provide a patch.

<p>> If you close your stream (i.e. terminate the stream as you currently do,
> in every way _except_ actually closing the underlying physical stream
> layer (file, socket, etc). Then start a new stream as you created the
> original stream (except, obviously, using the existing file/socket).

You mean de-initializng _all_ Ogg Vorbis related structures, and then 
initializing agan? I see. I'll try to experiment with this.


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