[icecast] details of HTTP Basic auth for icecast2

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon Aug 19 22:11:11 UTC 2002

At 11:35 PM 8/19/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>A question for the HTTP Basic auth for icecast2: what is the username to 
>use when doing such authentication. The related line in the login is:
>Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded string>
>where the <base64 encoded string> in its original form is:
>now, what username is used? in the config file for the icecast2 server, 
>one can only set the password (except for the <changeowner> element, but 
>that seems to be not related to the source login issue).
looking at the code, it seems that the user names are actually hard-coded 
as "source" and "relay", so connecting a source client would specify 
source:hackme base64 encoded....I don't know if this is just a placeholder 
or in fact the way it is intended to work for real...Michael probably would 
answer that best...

<p>>Also, in the current CVS, I see a sort of mixure in the HTTP-style login 
>protocol. The whole login sequence seems like the following:
>SOURCE /<mountpoint> HTTP/1.0
>Content-Type: <application/x-ogg or audio/mpeg>
>Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded string>
>User-Agent: <user agent>
>ice-name: <name>
>ice-url: <url>
>ice-genre: <genre>
>ice-bitrate: <bitrate>
>ice-public: <public>
>ice-description: <description>
>this seems like a mule, sort of half-HTTP, half-ICE. is this the intended 
>login protocol for the beta release?

actually, I think this is completely valid HTTP syntax..I don't think there 
is anything preventing you from implementing a different method (i.e. 
SOURCE as opposed to GET or POST) and the ice-* headers are simply HTTP 
headers specific to a SOURCE request....The ICE part of the protocol is 
what the server responds back with....I think at least....I could be wrong...



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