[icecast] 2 Live Broadcast - 1 Feed (3DFX3500FM) - with passwords?

Preston Lord webmaster at t2.net
Fri Aug 16 07:16:17 UTC 2002

ok, I am really starting to love linux!

I want to replace my Win2000 Media Server with Linux.

We broadcast live FM Radio to 200 listeners every night.
I need to gaurantee 50 slots to a certain group with a password
or something similar. The other 150 can be wide open.

I have icecast and liveice for xmms installed and all is good with
simple feeds, but what is the best way to do this? Is icecast able to do
this? What is the diff between icecast and icecast2? I would appreciate
any feedback that can guide me in the right direction in which GUI's to
use, whice options to use, and if I am out to lunch thinking this will
work in linux;P.

BTW: SuSE 8 Pro with the latest versions of all mentioned.

Thanks in advance!

Preston Lord (aka Zipur)
Extreme Bulletin Board
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EmeryJames Ventures Inc.
zipur at ebboard.ca / ICQ#109030610

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