[icecast] Server cutover complete; waiting for root server DNS propogation

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Wed Aug 7 14:01:18 UTC 2002


All services have been successfully migrated to our new facility.
Unfortunately, NetSol once again displayed a brilliant inability to
grasp a clue using both hands and a suction cup, and informed us they
*might* get around to updating DNS records in about two weeks.  If we
could fax them enough identification.

Needless to say, they've lost our business and our domain transfers
should complete today.  In the meantime, I have two DNS hacks in place
to get requests flowing to the right machines [this is partly for the
benefit of the other site admins]:

Motherfish-HST has been temporarily updated to point at Motherfish-II,
the new DNS server; this host record change will appear at noon EST
and propogate slowly through the day.  When the real domain transfer
happens, we'll change this back.

Motherfish, the actual machine, is redirecting queries to the new
nameserver until the old facility shuts down today.  Until then, it's
stuffing network DNS as full of the new xiph.org records as it can.

Of course, this is just temporary until things settle properly in a
day or two.  For the curious, the new DNS server (Motherfish-II) is at

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