[icecast] Compiling ices2 under OBSD3.1 (was: Compiling icecast2 under OpenBSD 3.1)

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Thu Apr 25 06:53:28 PDT 2002

At 12:30 PM 4/25/02 +0200, you wrote:
>Michael Smith wrote:
>> >It is currently impossible to compile it under *BSD, at least afaik.
>> >src/im_sun.c includes stropts.h, which doesn't come with OpenBSD. After
>> >feeding one .h file after another from a linux box, it finally wanted
>> >gnu/stubs.h. There will never be GNU stuff in *BSD, so that must be
>> >solved differently.
>> Why on earth are you trying to compile im_sun.c on a non-solaris machine?
>The only reason why I was doing so is because autogen.sh/configure
>decided to do so. ;P I also read in im_sun.c what this file was all
>about and couldn't see why I need it, but apparently I always compiled
>it so far during my experiments under Linux, too...? It *SHOULD* compile
>on every GNU/Linux system, no matter whether Solaris or not. I'm still
>learning *BSD, so I might get a lot of stuff wrong here either.

im_sun definately doesn't get compiled on linux. If I tried to compile it,
I'd be _really_ surprised if it succeeded :-)

>But I *do* have /dev/audio as the default
>throw-stuff-at-me-and-i'll-play-it-device, and it might be that OBSD
>uses a modified SUN driver on all platforms...? So, compiling the
>solaris thingie might make sense after all ...

Hmm... ok - well, if that device is actuall sun-audio-device compatible,
I guess that's the way to go (if you want live input, that is. If not,
then you can just get rid of it entirely using autoconf/automake, I

I don't have any systems with sun audio support (I didn't write im_sun.c),
so I can't do much with it - but if you can supply a patch to make it
work better at some point, it'd be gladly received.

>> magically screwed there? Anyway, just don't compile that file at all -
>What's the elegant method to do this? So far, when I poked at code that
>didn't work, I screwed around in the Makefiles manually until it
>eventually works (or doesn't). That's more like random guessing .. ;)

autoconf/automake are _all about_ random guessing. I've never found a
better reliable way, anyway.

<p>>Oh ... I just noticed even more weirdnesses. I now can offer your two
>coredumps in ogg123. Unfortunately, I don't have the time at the moment
>to dig any deeper, but I will hand in anything you and others might need
>later, either on IRC or via mail.

Can you report this on on bugs.xiph.org (with a stacktrace, if possible)?
I don't know ogg123 very well, but others will look at ogg123 bugs.


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