[icecast] Oddsock oddity

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Thu Apr 18 18:50:03 PDT 2002

At 07:43 PM 4/18/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I have Oddsock loaded and it will not complete the connecto to the server. I
>have been trying it in MP3 first before I move to Ogg to be sure I am
>understanding all I need to know. And it will connect and the eye candy will
>go let to right and the server will show that there is a connection, but the
>thing never sends data and a media player like WinAMP will will tell me that
>there is no ICY service available. I have loaded lame_enc.dll in the WinAMP
>plugin folder and the Oddsock DSP tells me 0 kbyes Total of 0 8 sent
>What else have I missed?
>Charles Layno
ummm....if you really want any help, you need to provide more information....

- what server are you using
- what are your configuration options
- what are you playing in winamp
- *are* you playing something in winamp

tuff like that...

oh, and for what it's worth, oddsock is a person, namely me....not a 
tool...although god knows sometimes I feel like a tool...

plus, this stuff is not really apropos to the listserv, so you might want 
to simply email me personally....

oddsock at oddsock.org

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