[icecast] telnet to admin Was Web Admin Settings

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Fri Apr 12 11:20:27 PDT 2002

> I'm really interested in that the icecast web interface works, because
> the server where it is installed has strict access policies and I can't
> access to the admin console.

If you can access the stream, you should be able to access the admin console. 

I have had some problems though:  
If I use Win2000's telnet, I can get an admin console.
C:\>telnet 8000
screen clears, I blindly (no echo) type: "ADMIN password<enter><enter>" and see:
-> [12/Apr/2002:13:19:05] [Bandwidth: 0.000000MB/s] [Sources: 1] [Clients: 2] [A
dmins: 2] [Uptime: 19 days, 12 hours, 22 minutes and 2 seconds]

I get no echo when I enter commands, but the commands do work.

If I use Putty, I get:

HTTP/1.0 306 Grow up
Server: icecast/1.3.11
Connection: close
... 306 Request all messed up....

Soo... Anyone know how to get echo on W2k's telnet, or how to get Putty do work at all?

Carl Karsten

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