[icecast] "No Encoder"?

Kurt J. Dreistadt kurt at kujo.de
Wed Apr 10 02:43:22 PDT 2002


the answer can you find in the manual.

Set the port of your WinAMP client to 7999.

There is the manual part:

2. Configuration file (icecast.conf)

This is the port the icecast server uses for all connections. Admins,
clients, and sources, they all connect to this port. The old behavior,
having the clients on 8000 and the encoder on 8001, is too ugly and creates
some problems with firewalls and so. The new behavior might confuse
streamers such as winamp. WinAMP is stupid enough to connect to the
specified port + 1. So if you set the port (in WinAMP) to 8000, it will
connect to 8001. Setting it to 7999 will work though.
You can now use multiple ports, just add another port line.
port 8000
port 8001
The above will make icecast listen on 8000 and 8001.

<p>Kurt J. Dreistadt

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From: Marcelo Gulin <marcelo at gulin.com.ar>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 11:44 PM
Subject: [icecast] "No Encoder"?

<p>Hi guys!

  Thanks to your help I've my IceCast/LiveIce server up & running but
I´m still having problems:

  My IceCast server is on the internal LAN and it's NAT'ed behind an
OpenBSD IPF firewall. Here's my network setup:

Internet ---- [OpenBSD firewall] ---- hub ---- [IceCast server]
                      |                               |
                      +                               +
              [port 8000 redirected]           [NAT'ed 192.168.100.x

<p>  NAT is working fine because I can connect to port 8000 from internet.
However, when I telnet to IceCast port and send "GET /stream HTTP/1.O"
command, I can't get the stream from winamp nor IE/Netscape.

  When I connect from an internal machine all works fine but when I try
to connect from internet I've get an "404 Stream Not Found" Error. (I
known that the stream exists).

  Looking at icecast.log I can see:

  [09/Apr/2002:14:00:36] [86:Connection Handler] Kicking unknown 82
[199.6.98.xxx] [No encoder], connected for 2 seconds.

<p>   So, What's the "No Encoder" mean?
   Or, Where the F* problem is?

Thanks in advance!
Marcelo Gulin

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