[icecast] Badpassword Icecast

Clayton Bluhm bluhmcc at auburn.edu
Mon Apr 8 21:28:42 PDT 2002

Hey guys.  Let me give you a run down on specs before I go into my

<p>    Computer 1 (zuckuss)
        Linux 2.2.19
        icecast 1.3.11 - compiled from source
        lineused to start: /usr/local/icecast/bin/icecast

        in icecast.conf ... changed:

        encoder_password mypassword
        admin_password mypassword
        oper_password mypassword

        port 8010
        server_name zuckuss

<p>         the only thing it whines about is cant figure out who zuckuss
is.  (Its a local computer

        Computer 2 (bossk)
        Linux 2.4.17
        shout 0.80 compiled from source
        line used: /usr/local/icecast/bin/shout zuckuss -P mypassword -e

With my playlist all setup.  OK now when I try to connect to my running
icecast server I get:

        Kicking source 1 [bossk] [Bad Password] [encoder], connected for
0 seconds, 0 bytes transfered. -1 sources connected

Now before you go off saying run set and see what it gives me: set

             encoder_password:	mypassword 
          client_password:	prettyplease
           admin_password:	mypassword 

and shout is sending the correct password as well... opening a packet
sniffer I get:
                   SOURCE mypassword /default

howing the password go out.  This is frustrating me.  What am I doing
wrong here?  Sorry this is so long.  Thanks for your help.

Clayton Bluhm                            bluhmcc at auburn.edu   
Computer Engineering Student             http://www.auburn.edu/~bluhmcc/

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