[icecast] Applying dynamic compression to live audio

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Thu Apr 4 06:13:45 PST 2002

> I want to stream audio from my soundcard, but I'd like to apply some
> dynamic compression to it first (ala winamp's audiostocker plus shoutmuxer
> thingy).  I heard rumours of compression in liveice, but Iv'e been told
> that this only works when it plays from prerecorded MP3, not the live
> input.  I'd like to do this with darkice, but can't see how it could be
> done.  I guess I'd either need to use ecasound or something to get the
> sound from the card, process it and then somehow pipe it into a streamer.
> But neither liveice or darkice would seem to accept audio via a pipe.  I
> guess the other alternative would be to hack darkice to be able to insert
> LADSPA plugins, which would be a neat thing, but then there'd be the issue
> of configuring them which would be an interesting UI issue.

While dynamic compression makes the transmission 'smaller' on FM radio,
it makes music harder to compress by psychoacoustic codecs, and therefor
you might have somewhat of a quality hit, although I haven't tested


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