[icecast] Icecast2 in xiph CVS

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Thu Sep 27 03:39:29 UTC 2001

Hi all:

A couple of weeks ago, Jack posted on the icecast list that icecast 2.0 and
its relatives would be moving to the xiph.org CVS repository and that he'd
post the details shortly.  He hasn't yet, probably just an oversight.
Anyway, I went exploring the other day and found them.  The details are as
Server: :pserver:anoncvs at xiph.org
Password: anoncvs

For those not familiar with CVS, basic instructions for accessing this can
be found at http://www.xiph.org/cvs.html but the icecast modules
are not listed there.  The modules I have found are:

icecast - The icecast server (version 2.0)
libshout - Libshout (the shout library, version 2.0)
ices - Ices (the icecast streamer, version 2.0)

All of these rely on additional modules.

avl - required by icecast, libshout and ices
httpp - required by icecast
log - required by icecast, libshout and ices
net - required by icecast, libshout and ices
thread - required by icecast, libshout and ices
timing - required by icecast, libshout and ices

These modules need to be located in the src subdirectory of its parent
tree.  So, for example:

cvs co icecast
cd icecast/src
cvs co avl
cvs co httpp
cvs co log
cvs co net
cvs co thread
cvs co timing

Personally, I've put all the sources under icecast (as above) and linked to
them from the other 2 trees.

I'm relatively green when it comes to all this, so feel free to correct me
on any of this. Just thought people would want to know that it's there now
and how to get it.


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