[icecast] use_meta_data problem

Tom Murphy freyason at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 23 02:48:50 UTC 2001

Hi all, 

   I'm new to this list. I'm helping a friend set up Icecast on his
machine, but it seems the meta data isn't being used. I basically
copied over my config file (in which the titles work fine when
streamed), and made slight changes like the url, server_name, and
things like that. 
I also set up his xmms and liveice 1.0 to mine (except for description
of server and passwords and URL of course). However, while mine works
(it sets the title after 3-4 seconds of connecting), his stays at
he put in as the server description.

   Is there something I can check to make sure the metadata channel
is being used in Icecast?



System info:

Debian woody
Icecast server 1.3.11
XMMS 1.2.5
LiveIce v1.0
XMMS set to Enable Shout/Icecast title streaming and Enable Icecast
Metadata UDP Channel (under MPEG Layer 1/2/3 Player 1.2.5 in
Icecast.conf has the following lines:

use_meta_data 1
streamurllock 0
streamtitletemplate %s
streamurl <A HREF="http://<IP">http://<IP</A> address>:8000/
nametemplate %s
desctemplate %s

<IP address> is my friend's machine.

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