[icecast] a new directory service

Xavier Montero xmontero at dsitelecom.com
Mon Sep 17 21:34:58 UTC 2001

> > Do you mean the coordinates from where the broadcast originates, or the
> > where the relay servers are located?

> It would be boring if it was the server location I think.  I think where
> it originates is more appropriate, although for people running streams
> from multiple djs at different times, this might be an issue :)

Well, I did not think about that before, but it might be
interesting both:

* A radio being generated at "thailand" would be interesting
  to listen to enhance my cultural spectrum.

* If it has several "digipeaters" I can the choose the one nearest
  me to contribute to not wasting more bw than necessary over the
  inet (as when you go to tucows and I choos a mirrir from
  Spain for FTP-downloading, instead of a one far away from me).

This last remark is not important considered alone, but would be
of special interest if it is implemented (as stated in other
posts) the possibility of grouping streams under a single "entry"
to be displayed. The entry could give some output row as:
Listen from: <a ...>US/Texas</a> or <a ...>Europe/Finland</a>


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